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Lakeroad launches its new investment strategy

Posted on January 1, 2012 in EN, News

Lakeroad Asset Management inc., an emerging alternative investment manager, launches its new quantitative investment strategy.

The new strategy, a long/short quantitative hedge fund, should display low downside volatility and low correlation to traditional benchmarks.

Why Lakeroad? Our team believes that investors are not rewarded appropriately for the investment risk they assume.

« First, we manage risks. Then returns. » says Jonathan Lehoux, managing partner.

« Risk management is at the heart of our daily portfolio management tasks. Our approach is well structured, disciplined, and eliminates the emotional dimension of portfolio management. For us, it’s not which hedge fund strategy we use, but it’s how effective we are at exploiting the strategy we choose. » adds M. Lehoux.

Jonathan graduated from McGill University in 2001 with an MBA. He spent five years at BMO Capital Markets in the investment banking division. He holds over 15 years of experience in investment and quantitative management and earned his CFA designation in 2002.

We serve institutional clients as well as family offices and high net-worth individuals. Lakeroad is registered with the « Autorité des Marchés Financiers du Québec » (AMF).

For more information, please visit

Contact : Jonathan Lehoux, CFA, Managing Partner, (418) 997-3397

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