Lakeroad manages a long/short global equity hedge fund
using a mix of quantitative, systematic and machine learning strategies.

Lakeroad combines over 45 years of experience in quantitative investment management.
Our core objective is to maximize performance through a flexible but disciplined investment process.

We serve high net-worth individuals, family offices and small institutional investors.



We focus on two things: DATA and SIGNALS. We make investment decisions based solely on robust statistical and mathematical calculations. Our core philosophy is that investment opportunities varies with market regimes. As a team, we spend most of our time developing and improving our market signals and optimizing models to allocate capital efficiently based on those signals. Capital is allocated to LONG, SHORT and/or RELATIVE winning strategies, depending on our market sentiment signals. It’s that simple.

Our competitive edge comes from two factors: SPEED and SCOPE. Our investment approach combines quantitative, systematic and machine learning strategies. In a few hours, our systems score over one million global equity and currency strategies, as part of what we call a “tournament”. Only the most consistent strategies survive. The goal of our quant model is to use statistics and mathematics to determine the winning strategies faster than fundamental investors. That ability to capitalize on structural inefficiencies faster and on a global scale is what separates us from others.


Net annualized return of over 17% since inception…

Our systems identify and quantify risks in real-time. We do not react to market actions and daily news. The flexibility in our investment approach allows us to rapidly adapt to any changes in market regimes. This approach eliminates noise, hype and emotions in order to make unbiased, disciplined investment decisions. We are building a long-term sustainable business. And in that sense, technology and computer science is very much embedded in all parts of our business. Our team understands that research and development is crucial for Lakeroad to remain ahead.
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which represents a net annualized ALPHA

of more than 8% for our investors.

We are an independent investment management firm. We have a significant amount of our personal wealth invested in Lakeroad alongside our investors. Our compensation is 100% linked to the long-term performance of the fund. We believe that these factors enable a strong alignment of interests between the investors and the managers.

Prizes & Awards

Investors Choice Awards 2015 (New York)

Emerging North American Equity Long/Short Fund of 2014

Alternative Investment Awards 2015 (Canada)

Best Long/Short Quantitative Hedge Fund


All operations, including portfolio management, are supervised by Lakeroad’s board of directors. Our board of directors abide by the strict code of conduct and standards of the “CFA Institute”. Those standards provide a powerful mechanism for promoting transparency, integrity and good governance that maintain a high reputation for the industry, facilitate investor due diligence and minimise the need for restrictive regulation.

As a team, we are committed to the highest standards
of fiduciary duties and to providing our investors with consistent superior risk-adjusted returns:

Jonathan Lehoux, CFA

Jonathan Lehoux, CFA

Founder & CIO


Pierre Lapointe

Pierre Lapointe

Chief Quantitative Officer


Alexandre Têtu, CFA, PRM

Alexandre Têtu, CFA, PRM

Risk Management & Trading


Sylvie Pigeon, Lawyer

Sylvie Pigeon, Lawyer

Chief Compliance Officer


Our external partners

Our team is well supported by a cast of top-ranked external partners:

Apex Fund Services (Canada) Ltd.

Fund Valuation/Administrator

BMO Capital Markets

Prime Broker/Custodian

Ernst & Young LLP

Fund Auditor

Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Legal Advisors

With the help of our fund administrator and auditors, we report to all our investors by providing monthly performance updates, detailed quarterly letters, semi-annual financial statements, annual audited financial statements, and an end-of-year investment tax package, where applicable.


Lakeroad is a registered Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager
and Exempt Market Dealer with the Québec Securities Commission
(“Autorité des Marchés Financiers / AMF”).


Lakeroad is a member of the Canadian Society of
the Alternative Investment Management Association (“AIMA”).

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