Lakeroad manages a long/short global equity hedge fund
using a mix of quantitative, systematic and machine learning strategies.

Lakeroad’s team combines over 40 years of experience in quantitative investment management.
Our core objective is to maximize performance through a disciplined investment process.

We serve high net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.



Our investment strategy uses a proprietary quantitative model to rank mid-cap and large-cap North American equities from best to worst. The quantitative model generates growth for our investors by combining value, momentum, sentiment and proprietary factors. We buy undervalued shares and short-sell overvalued shares for hedging and profit making purposes. The fund targets a predictable rolling 6-month absolute return for its investors, while maintaining a low correlation to traditional benchmarks.

Our approach is simple. Our execution is systematic. We use no financial leverage. Lakeroad’s competitive edge comes from a combined 40 years of experience in quantitative analysis, both as portfolio manager and investment bankers. We consistently test the effectiveness of our model to make sure it continues to provide repeatable returns in the future.


We manage risks. Then returns.

Risk management is at the core of our every day responsibilities. Instead of reacting to daily events, Lakeroad manages risks upstream through its efficient investment process. Our approach is well structured, disciplined, and eliminates the emotional dimension of portfolio management. In other words, we turn down the “noise” when making our investment decisions… and it produces superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors.
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For us, it’s not which hedge fund strategy we use,
but it’s how effective we are at exploiting the strategy we choose.

We are an independent, management-owned investment firm and we do not receive compensation from investment banking and/or brokerage research. Our partners and their family members have a significant portion of their net-worth invested in the fund and investment strategies – a critical factor which we think best aligns our interests with those of our investors.

Prizes & Awards

Investors Choice Awards 2015 (New York)

Emerging North American Equity Long/Short Fund of 2014

Alternative Investment Awards 2015 (Canada)

Best Long/Short Quantitative Hedge Fund


All operations, including portfolio management, are supervised by Lakeroad’s board of directors. Our board of directors abide by the strict code of conduct and standards of the “CFA Institute”. Those standards provide a powerful mechanism for promoting transparency, integrity and good governance that maintain a high reputation for the industry, facilitate investor due diligence and minimise the need for restrictive regulation.

As a team, we are committed to the highest standards
of fiduciary duties and to providing our investors with consistent superior risk-adjusted returns:

Jonathan Lehoux, CFA

Jonathan Lehoux, CFA

Founder & CIO


Pierre Lapointe

Pierre Lapointe

Chief Quantitative Officer


Alexandre Têtu, CFA, PRM

Alexandre Têtu, CFA, PRM

Risk Management & Trading


Sylvie Pigeon, Lawyer

Sylvie Pigeon, Lawyer

Chief Compliance Officer


Our advisors

Our in-house team is well supported by a cast of top-ranked advisors:

Apex Fund Services (Canada) Ltd.

Fund Valuation/Administrator

BMO Capital Markets

Prime Broker/Custodian

Ernst & Young LLP

Fund Auditor

Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Legal Advisors

With the help of our fund administrator and auditors, we report to all our investors by providing monthly performance updates, detailed quarterly letters, semi-annual financial statements, annual audited financial statements, and an end-of-year investment tax package, where applicable.


Lakeroad is a registered Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager
and Exempt Market Dealer with the Québec Securities Commission
(“Autorité des Marchés Financiers / AMF”).


Lakeroad is a member of the Canadian Society of
the Alternative Investment Management Association (“AIMA”).

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